Reasons to stick around

Gozo is a very special place. Largely unknown to the outside world it has, nonetheless, attracted many people through the ages. Folklore has it that Gozo is the legendary island of Ogygia to which the nymph Calypso lured Odysseus on his return from Troy. He was held captive for seven years.

The chances are, you will be captivated too. Once people come here they tend to want to stay – as many settlers bear witness. Click here or visit for more details.

Steeped in myth, Gozo is thought to be the legendary Calypso’s isle of Homer’s Odyssey – a peaceful, mystical backwater. Baroque churches and old stone farmhouses dot the countryside. Gozo’s rugged landscape and spectacular coastline await exploration with some of the Mediterranean’s best dive sites.

To discover the true magic of swimming, diving and enjoying all the activities the sea has to offer, Comino is the Island that must be explored. The island’s Blue Lagoon, with its safe bathing in bright turquoise waters, makes a memorable day out by boat.

The island is tiny in size, with just one hotel, but it is otherwise uninhabited and is surrounded by the mostscintillating and transparent waters in the Mediterranean. A natural swimming pool, many snorkel, scuba dive and anchor their yachts for a day of swimming and relaxing. In winter, Comino is great for walkers and photographers. Without urban areas or cars, there is no pollution or noise – just quiet and serenity.


Gozo Must!

In the village square there are a number of bars ready to welcome any visitor (almost everyone speaks English, so no problem ordering a beer or a bottle of local wine!)- one of which is owned by the local football team! “Ta Rosina”, a friendly little bar situated up the hill behind the church, is a must – particularly on a Sunday lunchtime!

And, for hot nights on a summer weekend, teenagers of all ages will love one of the most beautifully situated clubs in the Med, “La Grotta”, perched on a hillside above Xlendi bay!

The island also comes complete with historical sites, forts and amazing panoramas, as well as one of the archipelago’s best-preserved prehistoric temples, Ġgantija.